donderdag 3 februari 2011

First drawing challenge theme finished

I worked on on the "solitude topic" for a while, it turned out better than I thought it would. It was difficult to move further into a topic I know so well. But I think I did well overall..The image is something personal to me. Solitude can make you feel lika a corset does. it straps your heart into your chest and prevents you from breathing. is it tightening or growing more loose? those kind of things differ for various people. I myself have a love-hate relation with solitude. I like being on myself, but sometimes there is that aching feeling of emptiness gaining in on you and preventing you to breathe, like being strapped into a corset...

anyway, I have discovered adobe illustrator. What a great program for sketching! It helped me a great deal in working out some concept sketches. I tried out using different color channels on photoshop. That gave some interesting results:

solitude stuff

Here is some other stuff I created using illustrator, it's not exactly artsy or anything, but it was fun to play around a bit.

final work edited in photoshop of the "queen cobra design" I tried to work it out in raw lines rather than details to see how it would turn out

sketch for the queen cobra design, created in illustrator

some random image I made to test out illustrator, just posted it for fun

charcoal in illustrator. "first day at a new school"

and last but not least, some sketches.

inspiration, some of my own work, for the "flying" subject

bridge over the river styx, the last crossing. for some reason the image got turned. it's an image of the ferryman leading the lost souls to their final destination.

sketch for some 3d contraption involving shibari ropes

anatomy practice.

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