vrijdag 11 november 2011

Winter cupcakes

Apple Cinnamon Cupcakes with almond-caramel frosting
Recipe by Me! Perhaps not artsy, but nevertheless a lot of creative work involved

dinsdag 4 oktober 2011

Appendix to Oiran-Dying flowers

A little appendix to the uploaded story:

While browsing the internet for (I believe it started there) calligraphy techniques I came across a woodblock print of an Oiran. I googled it to find out what it was, being aware it meant something like "Prostitute"..
And as a matter of fact it is..sort of. Oiran are courtesans:

originally meant "to be or reside at court", and later came to mean "to behave as a courtier" and then "to pay amorous attention to somebody".

Which generally means that they were higher educated, or rather that they possesed more skills to entertain than the average prostitute. There were several grades of Oiran, of which the highest was Taýu. Taÿu were skilled dancers and entertainers who also provided "Other services" for money when they were officially summoned to do so.

Of course since it's got to do with Japan I got sucked into it way too much and got inspired by a movie on youtube about the OIRAN-DOCHU. Which is a slow procession or parade of Taÿu with their students and servants, as they did when they were summoned.
Because of this I wrote the little story below :)

Yoshiwara- dying flowers

In their white and bright kimono's they sit down, the purple eri bare and dark against their bare flesh. The girls dancing in their valid cage, twirling gracefully against a screen of softly illuminated cherry blossoms.

Oiran, Trapped inbetween the gaze of the hungry eyes of men and the rosewood of the rich screen that hides their illustrous shadow.
Trapped in their elaborate kimono's with the obi on the front. Caged for their beauty, and the services that money buys and feeds. Not only desire, but also hungering families, miles and miles away from tokyo and Yoshiwara.

The women around her dance , a slow move of the hand, outstretched and pale as if holding a fan. A beckoning motion to the men outside the cage, outside the window..
Men whose gaze need no translation.

"Ansai, I've already said you" Her nee-san starts at her as she sees her concerned face "freeze your body and mind, it doesn't matter as long as you keep your head cool"
The oiran talking to her holds her head high and gazes once again straight ahead. Her lips can no longer form a smile, the soul was ripped from her eyes and Ansai follows her gaze outside. To the workers..
"Up your chest" the woman sighs
"Up your chin" her hand strokes a fan "Foolishly look outside"
Her lips smile as she gazes "Look like a fool and gaze there"
"Gaze...gaze" the woman sighs once more "gaze..."

She swallows, slowly nodding but not understanding what she truly means. Four years ago now.. She listens "To not be chosen is to fall back among the faces in the crowd"
A place where the eye does not wish to see, to live in poverty "Set yourself out from amongst that crowd.." From under her dark eyelashes the woman looks at her "Can you do that to live?"
Slowly something of a grim smile spreads over her face while she looks at Ansai before she once again directs her gaze outside, letting her eyes play over the wicked and poor, the wealthy and shameless.
Their customers and kin in an uncaring world of fading beauty and ideals. Ansai's eyes grow dull and big, shocked and suprised as they meet and interlock with those uncaring eyes. Filled with lust and loathing as the undress and possess in a manner uncanny to her yet to be molded mind.
They enstrangle their desire with their own self-hate as they search what they cannot truly possess when they fill their head with other thoughts, and desires they can never aquire.

4 years ago now.."Ansai-san, why did you so suddenly want to to Oiran-Dochu?" The Oiran Dochu is the parade of high Oiran, the taÿu. High class courtesanes that are cultured and pleasant company. Delicate and elegant, fragile but strong.
The girl in the bed remembers a glorious parade of Taÿu. Oiran on high geta, hovering 15 cm oer the ground. High, triumphant, a vague grin spreads over her face.
"Because" she softly whispered "Oiran-dochu sounds like a "sakebi" of women"
The girl leaning over her next to her dabbed her face with a wet cloth.
"A scream of women who were sold here,
A scream at the people who dropped us here" She looked up
"At the people who look down on us as callgirls"
In her head the parade takes the form of lanterns, the crown, the narrow streets, the smell of poverty and pain and disease. Her eyes narrowed
"A scream at the men who pay us, to buy us in spite of looking down on upon us"

The parade behind her eyes grew brighter. Kanzashi shimmering in the light of illuminated candles and shoji-screens, glistening in a haircut in the shape of a waxing moon. Quivering, her lips moved
"I want to march along a street to show of my naked glance"
she spoke determined
"Watch us"
"Look at us"
"We are still alive- though we were sold, caged, and forced"
"With beauty"
"with elegance"
Her eyes were shining with a vivid passion
"Look evrybody"
"I stay alive as a human however hell here is made up of women's lifeblood-
We are still alive and are able to blossom out into red, beautiful flowers"

Hands shaking into an unfelt breeze, breathing softly, she tells of a world made of their tears. Of punishment and social disease.
"Flowers" she whispered "Drawing ruin on oneself by the stress"
"Dying by the red disease of tuberculosis"
She sighed, her eyes directed on a past or future far away. A place nobody can call her from.

zaterdag 17 september 2011

Let them eat cake

let them eat cake nail-art
Designed and created by me

donderdag 8 september 2011


I consider woman as a beautiful romantic animal, that may be adorned with furs and feathers, pearls and diamonds, ores and silks. The lynx shall cast its skin at her feet to make her a tippet; the peacock, parrot, and swan, shall pay contributions to her muff; the sea shall be searched for shells, and the rocks for gems; and every part of nature furnish out its share towards the embellishment of a creature that is the most consummate work of it. All this I shall indulge them in; but as for the petticoat I have been speaking of, I neither can, nor will allow it.

Source: To complete the stiffening of their under petticoats from FreeFictionBooks.org

zaterdag 3 september 2011

For old times sake

Do you know those times when you think back remembering the past and catch yourself with a huge grin spreading accross your face? For me that is usually about re-discovering old games..or toys for that matter...or candy...

One of those lovely little old games took me back all the way to 1994..it's about the game "Legend of Illusion" brought out for The F*&^%$# SEGA Game Gear(As I recall I believe was one of the first hand held consoles) For those of you who do not know(or do not care) this is a SEGA Game gear:

Ah, the sega, with a plug and wire that were always broken so that if you as much as flinched the power would go off, resulting into you having to start all over again(without the plug it took 6 batteries to power the damn thing, and at that time batteries only came in 4-packs and were non-rechargeable)

Since I have an emulator and ran across the game again(plus the fact that I never actually finished the game due to the fact that I was 4 back then) I decided to finally finish it. This took me a whopping hour....yes, an hour. Which could have probably been faster. But even as I look back and remember that not even the first Nintendo games were in color I must say that SEGA(for that time) did a pretty awesome job on their graphic department. Since there is lots of emulators out there, I would say: Pick one and try out some of the undiscovered jewels SEGA created so long ago and that so many people used to enjoy. It's like opening a box of candy you last ate when you were five, remembering in an instant what it was you loved about it, I assure you it will bring a smile to your face :)

Thrown in the bargain: some screenshots of the game Legend of Illusion, which is about a laundry boy(mickey mouse)that has to save a fairytale country from the dark powers of an evil sorcerer king.

appendix: You can even still buy the sega with games for around €70,- XD

zondag 10 juli 2011

A touch of avant garde truth

Floating away in helpless anticipation.
8-bit clouds mingling in levels of lava
a tv-screen framed by a whiskeybottle
and 2 cans of processed energy
a bottle filled with coded adrenaline
A spur of a moment in which clouds of smoke
drift to the ceiling
Transcending everything that makes up my thoughts
even if just for a moment
nothing has to make sense

A painting on the theme of Christian disgrace through the ages
as well as their heritage of lies...

Ascending over hate and lies...

vrijdag 17 juni 2011

Thank you

As the year draws to a close(do I detect some sentimentalism?) I wanted to update some work that I certainly don't want to keep from you, also since I recently finished my yearly portfolio summary, but first I would like to write something.

Lots of things happened the past two years. But I can positively say that I look back with a smile, something that didn't happen...any time actually, at school. I never could have imagined making so many friends, I could never imagine that it could actually be fun at school, just being at school. Though of course I hope that I haven't seen the last of all of the wonderful people I met, and I welcome the time I can see their new work and think be of a merry time I knew them at school and see how they developed themselves into professional artists, each in their own way, on their own account. And I am sure every single one of them is well capable of accounting for themselves now and in the future..So..whatever may come on your path, I wish all of you guys the best of luck, and I hope you will read this someday with the same smile I hold for all of you.


woensdag 25 mei 2011

mona lisa smile

Maria, queen of all queens, mother to all

zondag 22 mei 2011

the butterfly

For the last few weeks I studied the yuzen technique used in Japan to create kimono designs on silk(or chirimen) The fabric I used was chinese silk(Japanese silk is hard to acquire) It took me about 3 weeks to complete, this is by far one of the most intensive projects I worked on, and this is just a fraction of a complete kimono(lets say 1/20th part) It would be absolutely amazing to make one though.

Patterns used on kimono are picked by season, age and marital status as well as general status. Almost every flower and animal(and so on) has it's own meaning.
With this design I wanted to capture the fragility of youth(especially in japan) with the moon in the middle shining on a bright surface of clear water. purple branches of a weeping willow touch the surface. Above the surface a sky is hovering, bringing clouds that symbolize the coming adulthood. But for the meanwhile there seems to be nothing that can bring it to a stop. The youth is symbolized with peony flowers, lily's and the carefree butterfly that lazily floats near the flowers.

zondag 15 mei 2011

yuzen try-out

yuzen dye technique on silk, the first try out of a design on silk. I am currently mainly trying out the technique in general, it''s is interesting to see the dye do the work on it's own. instead of sketching a design I simply started working somewhere and went with it from there.

Yuzen is a japanase textile decoration technique in which a piece(usually a bolt meant for a kimono)of silk is treated with rice starch to create a pattern which is then dyed with silk dyes. The silk dye would flow in all directions without the starch(personal experience) with this you can create light and flowing designs.

dinsdag 10 mei 2011

Ouran highschool host club

randomness after watching ouran highschool host club..I know, I know...Still love it though XD

zaterdag 7 mei 2011

A random day of the week..

I didn't make this XD it's relevant however..

Schiele color test and other

Some more recent work I made the last couple of weeks. At the moment I'm still trying out the yuzen technique for kimono decoration when I came across an exchange program for artists, unfortunately they didn't have any places anymore..maybe next year..

dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Lolita bunnies

some amigurumi bunnies..

vrijdag 15 april 2011

fabric print of the steampunk octopus and flying eyes...

donderdag 14 april 2011


MDF design grafiek

design for "Yuzen" silk-dying technique

Cutout as a design for MDF

some more hand-sketches

The moment the sun dissapears , made with MArkers, edited slightly in photoshop

zaterdag 26 maart 2011

bunny shot

...and a flower I couldn't resist to snap a picture of real quick.

vrijdag 25 maart 2011

new toys, sneak

I found new toys to play with XD

donderdag 3 februari 2011

First drawing challenge theme finished

I worked on on the "solitude topic" for a while, it turned out better than I thought it would. It was difficult to move further into a topic I know so well. But I think I did well overall..The image is something personal to me. Solitude can make you feel lika a corset does. it straps your heart into your chest and prevents you from breathing. is it tightening or growing more loose? those kind of things differ for various people. I myself have a love-hate relation with solitude. I like being on myself, but sometimes there is that aching feeling of emptiness gaining in on you and preventing you to breathe, like being strapped into a corset...

anyway, I have discovered adobe illustrator. What a great program for sketching! It helped me a great deal in working out some concept sketches. I tried out using different color channels on photoshop. That gave some interesting results:

solitude stuff

Here is some other stuff I created using illustrator, it's not exactly artsy or anything, but it was fun to play around a bit.

final work edited in photoshop of the "queen cobra design" I tried to work it out in raw lines rather than details to see how it would turn out

sketch for the queen cobra design, created in illustrator

some random image I made to test out illustrator, just posted it for fun

charcoal in illustrator. "first day at a new school"

and last but not least, some sketches.

inspiration, some of my own work, for the "flying" subject

bridge over the river styx, the last crossing. for some reason the image got turned. it's an image of the ferryman leading the lost souls to their final destination.

sketch for some 3d contraption involving shibari ropes

anatomy practice.

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