dinsdag 16 april 2013

What do you do with your life when you want it all? A few years ago I felt like I didn't have anything to live for. That there was nothing in life I cherished doing. And frankly there are still times I feel like this. Hopeless and gloomy. But lately it's been more because there are so MANY things I would like to do. And once chosen remains chosen doesn't it? Or does it?

Through my life there were lots of people who thought I would amount to nothing. Shying away from people I "collected" so many hobbies that I got quite good at a few of them. Good enough to consider turning them into a profession anyway. A few of those I could combine, like photography and fashion, putting it to good use for photographing my designs(or dishes for that matter.) But if I don't start setting priorities here and there I might end up the only tattoo-artist working in frilly pink dresses, donning nonetheless some pretty crude tattoos and piercings, and being a part-time pâttisière to top it off(I love sculpting, and edible sculptures, or "cake" is fantastic!)

I can't help it. I love art. Everything about art and being creative. I love it in food, I love it in and on fashion. I love it sitting on people, being part of someone else and of myself. I just love art, and thus I think I should live life creatively. With EVERYTHING I love. Because to me it's the only way to live the life I want: ten lives at a time. I don't want to look back later and regret the things I DIDN'T do. Even if it means living life at full pace.

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