zaterdag 3 september 2011

For old times sake

Do you know those times when you think back remembering the past and catch yourself with a huge grin spreading accross your face? For me that is usually about re-discovering old games..or toys for that matter...or candy...

One of those lovely little old games took me back all the way to's about the game "Legend of Illusion" brought out for The F*&^%$# SEGA Game Gear(As I recall I believe was one of the first hand held consoles) For those of you who do not know(or do not care) this is a SEGA Game gear:

Ah, the sega, with a plug and wire that were always broken so that if you as much as flinched the power would go off, resulting into you having to start all over again(without the plug it took 6 batteries to power the damn thing, and at that time batteries only came in 4-packs and were non-rechargeable)

Since I have an emulator and ran across the game again(plus the fact that I never actually finished the game due to the fact that I was 4 back then) I decided to finally finish it. This took me a whopping hour....yes, an hour. Which could have probably been faster. But even as I look back and remember that not even the first Nintendo games were in color I must say that SEGA(for that time) did a pretty awesome job on their graphic department. Since there is lots of emulators out there, I would say: Pick one and try out some of the undiscovered jewels SEGA created so long ago and that so many people used to enjoy. It's like opening a box of candy you last ate when you were five, remembering in an instant what it was you loved about it, I assure you it will bring a smile to your face :)

Thrown in the bargain: some screenshots of the game Legend of Illusion, which is about a laundry boy(mickey mouse)that has to save a fairytale country from the dark powers of an evil sorcerer king.

appendix: You can even still buy the sega with games for around €70,- XD

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