woensdag 26 januari 2011

silk=pretty colors

It's so awefully >_< funny how you can draw a million hands and still not grasp(lol) the whole concept of drawing hands that actually don't look like misshaped sausages >.<
Anyway, still working on hands, I'd better start on some feet soon. so I'm not gonna do too many sketches of hands anymore. planning is to first do some main sketching on feet and then return to colouring hands and feet with any material other than pencil(or chalk) Hope this is gonna work out. I also looked up some decent referance material, and you can actually download e-books on a lot of subjects on this website

In the meanwhile, I'm experimenting with backgrounds in pictures, I am trying to work some things out with photoshop as well as non-altered images. In the pictures below I used a silk scarf and one tiny spotlight, as well as really low candlelight from above(the "normal" light in our livingroom)the silk scarf suddenly shows a whole palet of intriguing colors :)

I don't reallu usually do abstract, but I really like how it turned out. It are actually just some grease stains in a sink.

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