vrijdag 9 augustus 2013

Jellyfish dress

I really enjoyed the project I undertook together with Solos, that's why I'm glad they are organizing a little exhibition of the designer's of the "design your own piece" group. Though I have made quite a lot of sketches I haven't realized a whole lot of them, until I decided that even if I am not gonna realize all of the more complex sketches in a day, the mind needs practice for sewing just like it does for drawing. So I started with a concept I was sure I could sort of mould into shape on a mannequin. I found a gorgeously colored polyester fabric that has a wonderful soft sheen to it and I have been dying to realize some designs inspired by "Heart of the sea" The fabric subtly shades to purple, lilac and a beautiful sunset yellow. The colors remind me so much of the jellyfish I have been studying for drawing skills ^^ So here are some goodies:

See what I mean? Of course it's not finished yet, by far. But I can't wait till it is :)
This dress is a draft too, The front was delicately folded over and over to create a corset-like feel to it.

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