donderdag 6 september 2012

Religious rambling

The Backwater Gospel is a Horror short in all it's redneck, religious glory. Telling us about fear casting the first stone and that perhaps some priests are no better than a devil in disguise(perhaps most priests even)

Is it possible for any man of the cloth to be true and just to an ancient memory. Isn't it time we re-define religion into philosophy: accepting it for what it is: not a watchful, vengeful eye in the sky, but a life philosophy, a (once) message of peace and love so we can come to the realization that murderering heathens is never in name of "God" but all the more in profit and name of the church that pulls the strings.

Fear is what keeps us together, huddling like sheep in anxiety over the "vengeance of God" so that we become so afraid of punishment that we forget to live and love in peace and sicerity. Through time WE forgot the message of Christ, and fell right into the marketing trick called Christianity. Wake up, for the sake of peace and the co-existance of humanity, wake up from this lie of power and might. For all that truly matters to them, is them.

It's not too late to save yourself: live, love and let live. Being a good person is not about worshipping God, it's not about ideals or even about sharing. Being a good person is caring for one another and what happens around you. And from that source in you, goodness shall flow, without even being able to read or understand a word. At the end of the day, we shall all have to learn to live together as humans with one planet to share in which we all need food on the table and someone to carry us through hardship-an idea, a physical person, an ideal- in that concept God exists in us all as willpower that can persevere over anything, WE had the power to accomplish things all along, and that is all there is to it.

Anyhow, done with the rambling, on to the animated goodness: Credits to the makers of this film I Will soon be posting more animated stuff.

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