donderdag 13 september 2012

What's best

How does one decide what is best to do? Or-to state the problem otherwise: When can you truly say: "I am an Artist". And what exactly does it mean to be an artist? Does it imply you make money by creating "Art"?

For me it was never the "Profession" if you can even state being an artist as having a profession. I feel artists color the world by both being part of it as well as not being a part of it. their presence being as confusing as Descartes definition of the dualistic soul.

Artists are needed at the edge of human conscious, using what power of observation they have to create an alternate perspective on human interactions and perhaps the implications of our existence as humans. Unlike the people around him an artist must mainly know others while knowing himself is not necessary in his role of observer. Therefor his existence in itself is to be doubted. Though it is important for him to have an idea,a concept of a concept of ethics, though these may also cloud his pure view of the world. Is it for the artist to judge or simply to describe so that the viewer may judge?

And hence I am not sure what my role consists of..

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