donderdag 7 februari 2013

Finally the hunt for fabric has come to a more satisfying conclusion. For those who missed the recent lamentations of my problem I shall rewind:

Every year there is an amazing ball masque in Belgium, attended by some of the most competitive costume designers of Europe. This years dresscode that made we want to go after years of "Kinda wanting to go but not really being sure" involved the Elizabethan fashion. As the theme is:

"The Pope's Daughter"

Ah, the wonders of these three simple words. The wonderful satiric possibilities one might endow on them! I opted for a flashing gold display of wealth of the elizabethan fame of the golden age but soon had to give in to the lure of the satire (as I cannot simply turn down a possibility to stab the papal institution where it hurts) So the choice came for a display of Lilith, the first wife of Adam who was supposedly responsible for the fall of man(quite a paradox too to tell a man and a women with no knowledge of good and evil that eating from the tree that bears this exact knowledge is in fact evil)

And continuing on this satire I decided to embroider the front panel with this exact display(see picture) from bottom to top: -Adam and Eva and the tree of knowledge of good and evil -The gates of heaven with Michaƫl banishing them from paradise -The head of the paganistic Baphomet, more commonly seen as satan, with the following sentence inscripted in gold at the very top of the bodice: "Sic transit gloria mundi" a rather clever pun stating "Thus passes the glory of this world"
Words that used to be spoken to a new pope during his coronation to reming him to his vow of giving up worldly things as something fleeting. And deliciously applicable to the theme of "the pope's daughter"

Anyway, to finally get to the goodies(kudos if you are still reading!) I had a theme and tied to that also a color scheme which fairly limited my choices to a deep, scarlet or rather: bloodred(the wonders of symbolism) Which I finally found!

The dress stand with the hoop skirt in need of adjustment. And it's blocking half my room..=.=

The primary sketch

A hastily drawn detail of the bodice embroidery

The fabrics from left to right: The bloodred silk tafetta, the purple-ish lining and the fabric for the costume of my love<3

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